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1960 Lark 4dr 6 cyl 3 speed

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  • 1960 Lark 4dr 6 cyl 3 speed

    This one has been out there a long time. And is now down to $1500 or best offer. From the pics the car looks decent.
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    Thats what you call "basic" transportation.


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      The "no title" is probably keeping buyers away.
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        The "no title" would keep me away for sure.


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          I hope he's including a milk crate to sit on while you drive
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            Like the "gun that won the west", these were the cars that kept SP afloat for a few more years.

            Wonder if one of those "weirdos" from out-a-state will buy it (guess he is talking about people from Virginia or South Carolina...)


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              It may be annoying, but when you don't show the engine compartment or the interior, you're gonna get questions from out of staters, and sorry dude, but the ones that don't ask questions are the 'weird ones'.

              From the tweaker focused driver's side shot, it appears it's a 3spd OD.

              If it ran and was closer, I'd spend $1500 for something that I had to buy a speaker and at least one bench seat, in order to operate said vehicle. For $1500, if it was closer I'd spend the effort in order to get a title.
              I guess every state's different, but if you want to sell a car quick, first rule of thumb's likely having clear title in hand.

              Just sayin'.
              I kinda like the color.


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                It has Regal trim around the windows.

                Gordon S


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                  That is a very nice looking Regal 4 Door and at least it is set up for Standard and Overdrive, it would be very easy to install the V8 and Overdrive with V8 Brakes and Springs.

                  Not that it matters, but I do not see evidence of the knee padding in those bad pics there could be holes for them or it is a loaded Deluxe without it, it also has all the front end Chrome.

                  It is a very good price for a nicely painted Sea Blue/Green '60 Lark, even the inside was done to match. It's location and the Title will slow down the bids a lot, but still doable for East Coasters.

                  I think this is a bit like the nice Black W/Red Washington State '64 GT Hawk the other day that had no info, bad Pics and low price, it is a sleeper!
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                    Sorry Rick a flat head "6" is no sleeper, got yea.
                    Castro Valley,


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                      2 tone black and Blue? Limited edition Bruiser Cruiser?

                      I like it but is too far away. No title kills it for Ill-annoys anyway.


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                        I know a guy that has a 60 Lark 4 door, regal V-8 w/ 3 speed overdrive. He replaced the tires & had a local shop do a brake job that cost him over $1500. I know, he didnt ask me for any advise until it was at the shop already (too late then). Now it has a knock that might either be in the engine or possibly the front bearing of the trans is bad. I've offered to have him tow it to my place, remove the trans & start it to see if it still knocks, put it back together & have it towed back for free, as a favor to a friend. It's been about 6 months now & he hasnt done a thing. He has said he might have to sell it but I would expect he would want big bucks for it. Rude awakening coming soon! Rich saw this car 2 years ago when he visited me. 3/4 of the front sheet metal has been painted (poorly) w/ rattle can. Needs interior (fabric on seats is non existant almost). I figure he'd be fortunate to get $500 for it as it sits. Richard? What do you think?
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