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HELP! My father passed away and left a 1962 Studebaker

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    Several of us looked at this car today. It is a base 6 cyl 62 lark 4 door. We could not get the hood open, the cable is frozen. The back window is not installed in the car but is there. The car has a lot of rust and has been patched once before it appears. As a group we came to the conclusion that it is most likely a parts car. It has a radio and wing guards on the bumpers which appear to be the only accessories. The floor boards and trunk appear to have a lot of rust in them. If you are looking for a parts car please contact Paul as soon as possible as he needs to move the car out of the garage.

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      What a shame, but perhaps as a doner car it will help others.
      Just don't just call the crusher, hate to see another Studebaker go to China.
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