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    best laid plans of mice and men etc!!!Was only going to have the dash out of my 61 hawk for a few days but still took detailed notes on where all the wires went and all the hookups involved. Just so it would not be lost I left the notepad in the hawk. Two years later I went to put it all back together and found all my copious notes and the rest of the note pad chewed into small pieces to form a mouse nest. Oh well, fun and games. Murphy's law is alive and well!!

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    Get a copy of the shop manual with wiring diagram, they are pretty much detailed and will give wire colors and locations. Too bad they are individual wires, unlike the new cars with "big 'ole plugs" <G>

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      Where would any of us be in life if Murphy doesn't occasionally show up to mess with us?


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        I have a dash from a '61 hawk with the entire Hawk's harness attached to it.
        Except for some bastardized wires I added a long time ago... It's all there.
        Can take a lot of pic's if you'd like.
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          appreciate the feedback. Almost got it all figured out but just wanted to whine a little bit.


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            could have been worse.Could have been the wires


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              I think "Irving's Law" was more appropriate here. "Irving's Law" states "Murphy was an optimist".
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