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Kooool Topless Hawk...or did we do this one already??

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    It appears to be a roadster (no side windows), not a convertible. That would make sense if it was made out of a C body (1957 Silver Hawk) [There were a few K body/hardtop 1957 Silver Hawks, but I doubt that this is one of them.].
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      The Craigslist ad mentions a removable fibreglass top. But they don't show it. Sure hope the frame or body was strengthened (doubt it).

      I like it, but would like a 53-54 nose better.
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        Watch out, you'll poke your eyes out with that thing!!!!
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          It could be Bob, the piece was on a car show "Bob Palma and his 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Convertible" nothing else said, will see what else I can find out.
          John Clements
          Christchurch, New Zealand


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            Originally posted by candbstudebakers View Post
            They both look like nice jobs, one a custom and one that Studebaker should have done, I had one once that had sat in storage for years and the top was in bad shape it was a lift off top, metal frame and canvas. the engine was stuck when I got it and the back seat was remover and gone . they reinforced the area behind the rear seat to make the car more rigid, at one time it had a built up plastic rear cover like the one used on the 63 "T" Bird to make it a 2 seated but that was also missing when I got the car. The car sat in my storage yard for years always thinking I would get to it someday but never did. When I had to close down the yard the car got stripped down for the parts, the frame is now under someones car back east , the hood is in New Zealand, the trunk was a 53 and damaged to bad to repair or keep, all four fenders were saved and are on other cars now, the transmission was a power shift and also sold to another Studebaker person, the engine was pulled and taken a part to see why it was stuck. and this is what I found, take a look, never seen this happen before in a stock engine.

            when we were gutting it out we found the in the past some one had fiber glassed the floor and moisture had gotten under the glass and we just pulled it off in large sheets rusted metal and all, floor was total gone. If I can find a picture of the car later I will post it.
            That is clearly due to ZDDP starvation. That'll do it everytime


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              spot on roof. VERY NICE. jimmijim
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                I like the 63 example a lot. I wish Stude made such a car. The 57 is off to a good start. I would like to see it with the fiberglass roof installed.