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  • Some interesting Ebay items you may like

    The Studebaker News are I think one of the overlooked items. They contain a wealth of info and photos galore.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    That 54 military truck is pretty neat.


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      I thought "Green Mist" was a 1963 colour (sic), not a 1964.
      1963 Canadian Lark VY-6 4E2-122 Deluxe Scotsman

      Bognor, Ontario, Canada


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        Originally posted by Bordeaux Daytona View Post
        That 54 military truck is pretty neat.
        Note that the truck in the top picture has a 2R grille, and the one in the bottom has a 3R grille. They are not actually the same truck.

        Here is a little info on the evolution of these trucks from the Stude truck history on the main SDC web site.

        "The reported production of 3R-series trucks, however, was later increased to 10,418 units by including in the total 1199 CKD model 3R48 trucks produced in late 1954. The 3R48 was a 3-ton, V8, right-hand-drive, 4x4 cab and chassis built for the Indian Army, and was a heavier-duty follow-on to the 2R28s built for that country in 1951-52. In fact, they used the old 2R grille, dash instruments, and external emblems, probably because Studebaker’s original proposal to the Indian government is likely to have been for more 2R-series trucks. Governments often take a long time to award contracts, by which time the particular model proposed by the company may no longer be in production. This would not be the only time Studebaker had to go back into production of trucks no longer in the catalog because a government took too long to make a contract award. The 3R48s were really 2R trucks in every way except for serial number. Even more curious, they were actually produced during September through November 1954, well after the other end of the Chippewa Avenue plant had converted over to making 1955-model E-series trucks. In fact, Studebaker, which always reported production totals by calendar year (and never made much attempt to do so by model year) reported these CKD 1954 3R48s along with the CKD 1955 E-series trucks being crated up for export at the same time. Total Studebaker truck production during calendar year 1954 (both 3R and E series) was 16,019 units.

        It is interesting to note that Studebaker successfully competed for V8-powered, 4-wheel drive trucks in a market halfway around the world, but did not attempt to market such a vehicle domestically until much later."

        A footnote to the above paragraphs states:

        "A number of Studebaker factory photos exist of what is described as a Model 3R48 Cargo and Personnel Carrier. The truck pictured clearly has a 3R (not 2R) grille, as well as (in some photos) a cargo body. As noted above, Studebaker production records show that the company built one B/U and 36 CKD 2R28 trucks in December 1953, well after 3R-series production had started. These were the last 2R28s built. Was this sole completely assembled 2R28 truck actually a prototype 3R48, and was this truck the 3R48 truck shown in factory photos? The pictured 3R48 is very similar in appearance (except for the grille, the rear window, and the tires/wheels) to the 1956 model 2E46 and 1957-58 model 3E48 that eventually went into production for export. Although there are pictures of engineering prototypes of the export-model 2E46 and 3E48, company production records do not show that any such trucks were produced as B/U (completely assembled) vehicles. So if no B/U 2E46 and 3E48 trucks were built, how did the company take a picture of them? It seems likely that the single B/U 2R28 truck built in December 1953 was the same export military truck (suitably updated) that was later photographed (several times over the years) by the company – as a 3R48, a 2E46, and a 3E48."
        Skip Lackie


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          Yeah - that truck pic really snaged my eyes! Were there any such trucks available in the USA from other makers???
          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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            I've seen the blueprints for that truck, but they said it was intended to go to India.
            Chris Dresbach