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1963 Standard California State Car

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  • 1963 Standard California State Car

    Does anyone know what California State agency would have ordered a 1963 Standard four door sedan in "California State Gray"? It is a 259 automatic with a blue vinyl interior. It was delivered to Sacramento. It was ordered with an upgraded glove compartment door- it has the "Vanity" style padded door but with no inside vanity and no chrome trim. Just curious.

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    If you know where the car is, or are thinking of buying it, a copy of the Production Order might specify more details. Of course, you'd need the serial number. BP
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      I recall back in the late 50's-early 60's, the State of Georgia had a fleet of "base model" Studebaker Larks, 2drs, 4drs,and station wagons, as well as other brands, that were based out of Atlanta. Each had lettering on the doors, "Interagency Motor Pool For Government Use Only" and "Georgia State Gov't" license plates. They were all painted light grey. All one could assume is these were only for "Official Use". (duh?) Don't know if other states may have had them as well. I did notice on the 59's and 60's, they were V8 powered and all had Twin Traction. Not sure if any were "pursuit equipped" considering this was prior to the Jet Thrust equipment.

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        If it was delivered to Sacto, it could have been used nearly anywhere in the Capitol. Might've been a motor pool car for the Capitol staff. What kind of shape is it in?

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          My dad worked for the federal government back in the 40's-73 and in the 60's in St. Paul , Minnesota and his federal car was a 62 lark not sure if a v-8 or what just remember seeing it a time or to since he keep in the federal garage he did not have it at home but a few days, I think is was also federal gray almost the same color as the ship I was stationed on the USS Yorktown CVS 10 , he retired in 73 as head of the AT&T in St. Paul
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            i don't know if this helps - but in that general time frame ('63-'66), i lived in Pomona, Ca and had a friend whose dad worked for the Calif Dept of Fish & Game. his vehicle (i think it was a dart), was also a light gray color.

            i would think that many state gov't agencies drew from the "motorpool" of state vehicles of the same color. obvious exceptions for the CHP, Cal-Trans and Forestry... during my years in NC as a Probation/Parole Officer, all the "State" cars assigned to me were white, as most other state dept's had. (we did have a few we could "check out" with other makes/colors for "special ops").
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              Baltimore City, MD had a fleet of six-cylinder 1963 Stude Standards. I think they were tan in color.


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                During the 1960s, the gray "US Government Inter Agency Motor Pool" , Studebakers were driven by inspectors who went to a factory that made back pack radios for the Army.
                I saw them often in Huntington, In., at a company called "Memcor" that built the radios.

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