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  • Have you ever Seen one of These?

    And What's it worth?
    This was on the 1958 PackardHawk that I bought in pieces. It was on the Nose piece in the place of the Bird. The story that I got that it was originally from Belgium then imported to Mexico a doctor then brought it to California.
    Click image for larger version

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    No, and whatever you and a potential buyer can agree on. Probably common in Europe, sounds like a de Ieteren car taken to Germany then Mexico and finally the US. Nice find Anne.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      This is a 50's radiator badge from the German Heidelberg Sports Touring Club. It probably came off a race car.

      There is one on Ebay right now, starting at $ 100.00, rare thing.


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        My -55 4-door sedan is Belgium-"built" but I never heard of a Packard Hawk being assembled there.
        (But my hearing can ofcourse be a bit selective sometimes.)

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          Back in my sports car days I remember seeing similar badges quite a bit. I would wonder if it was a group of Americans stationed in Germany put together. If it were a German club I wouldn't think it would have been in English. It is a neat item, no matter what.
          Joe Roberts
          '61 R1 Champ
          '65 Cruiser
          Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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            back in my college days, we drank many Hiedelberg's. Didn't know that I could get a merit badge for it!
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              From about '52 through 2010, there was a US Army Garrison in Heidelberg. So Joe's theory sure holds water.

              Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                It has US significance, with the American flag on one side printed in English. The center looks like the Wolfsburg crest used on many German vehicles. The flag on the right side, I think is Germany, would have to get my "Flags of the Nations" book out to verify. I agree with Joe Roberts too.
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                  Yes, that's true. Members of the US army took part in these Rallyes. The Heidelberg Sports Touring Club was indeed German-American.

                  The Triumph TR3 Roadster was very popular with Americans in the Solitude Rallye in 1959. Article in German

                  The flag on the right side of the badge is Germany, that's right.


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                    The lion in the badge is the Heidelberg crest. I was stationed in Heidelberg for 3 years while in the USAF. The Headquarters for the US Army in Europe was there. There were also second level Army and Air Force NATO units there, which is how I ended up there. Huge American presence. There were many multinational groups for just about anything you can imagine. I'm sure this was one of those organizations. The Germans love their cars, much like Americans do. That is a very cool find.
                    Pat Dilling
                    Olivehurst, CA
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                      Also the Swiss people love their cars. There is a great classic car scene here as well.


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                        It's a German/American club. They are common in Germany. Not as common as they were when we had a larger presence there but they are there just the same. They have auto clubs, Porsche, VW, Corvette, Classic American, etc., Bike clubs; Harley, Indian, etc.; militaria collecting clubs; swim clubs, camping clubs, hiking clubs, shooting clubs, parachute clubs - you name it. Anywhere we have a presence in Europe there is usually a contingent of German citizens working on US bases that get together with military counterparts and start these things. I used to belong to the German American Shooting Club in Bremerhaven and won the 1986 marksman Championship trophy at the annual German-American Volksfest.

                        It really hasn't got a whole lot of worth. It adds about as much value to a car as having a SDC emblem attached to the grill. It does add interest though and it probably means that someone who once owned that car either belonged to that club in Heidelberg or had that car in Germany while stationed in Heidelberg. I seem to recall a fellow on here not too long ago trying to find a P.H. that he used to have in Germany. Anyone remember that guy?
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