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1953 Studebaker Champion-need parts

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  • 1953 Studebaker Champion-need parts

    We are in need of brake shoes for the Champion. Have not been able to find any through other means. Anyone know of a source.

  • #2 should be able to help you.
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      You will be way ahead to find a complete setup from a V-8 car. It is a bolt in swap. Parts are easier to find, cheaper and most important work better and longer. Steve


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        When I need an "odd" part, I have a local, "non-chain store" that I go to. In most non-Stude only parts, they get things to me in a day or two, if they can be had.

        Brake shoes, if I ask in the morning, they'll have them later that day. Done brake shoes a coupla times, they've always been able to get them. Same with master and wheel cylinders. 50%/50% with return/adjustment springs.

        The "chain" stores (unless you own the place)...forget it, their parts books only go back to 2000...!



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          Thanks for the information. I have found some at Will see it that pans out.


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            Thank you. found some listed and my mechanic is going to call them and see. Appreciate it. He had checked with them before and did not find anything. Really appreciate the information.


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              I just drug in a 54 Champ starliner parts car today & have a good supply of 53-54 parts here in N Houston...
              Barry'd in Studes


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                You can always get shoes relined; not a bad idea to conserve the old shoes.
                If you have a later V8, or convert to the later V8 brakes, make a note: FRONT SHOES FOR THESE ARE NLA! GET YOURS RELINED AND DO NOT EVER DISCARD FRONT SHOES FROM A STUDEBAKER V8!
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                  Could you please supply me with some contact information? I know that I will need more parts. My email is Please put Studebacker in subject line so I don't think it is junk. Thanks for the information.