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1961 : Lark at Charlotte World 600

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    This link seems to indicate that the finish was in the "600 " , going by the laps run by the
    lead lap cars .

    Along the same lines , of small guy car ownership , anybody remember Herman Beam ?
    I remember reading in the Sunday paper back in approx '60-'61 or so , that he was an accountant
    or similar , and raced the Nascar schedule on his own dime , and made a slight profit by staying out of
    the way , and being fugal .That artcle showed him in a Stude Lark, altho as of yet, I haven't been
    able to locate it. He later was a Ford guy .

    Google him

    Along the same lines , that is why I became a Jimmy Means fan. Small time guy, and
    ran his own show for most of his driving career. Still puts cars out there in Nationwide , and
    I think occasional ARCA races .
    Bill H
    Daytona Beach
    SDC member since 1970
    Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .