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1909 - The Glidden Auto Tour

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  • 1909 - The Glidden Auto Tour

    Fall 2012 Issue of Nebraska History
    - Joy Carey, Editorial Assistant
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)

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    There are a series of these post cards. These are the only two I have.

    On the front:
    Pathfinder for the Gildden Tour-Detroit to Denver and return. 2600 miles in rainy April. Car was E=M-F "30"= Price $1250

    On the back:
    E-M-F "30" Glidden Tour Pathfinder
    This was the only time on record that Offical Pathfinder Dai Lewis took a hand at a rope. Dai's avoirdupois was a valuable acquisition to the line and served to keep the car from overturning in the soft clay. Driver Meinzinger, tired of the monotonous pull, pull, through clay up to the hubs, thought he saw better footing at the side of the road. Tried, but wheels on one side dropped in ditch and there was nearly a capsize- strong spokes to stand that strain, by the way.
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    Gary Sanders
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      On Back:
      E-M-F "30" Gildden Tour Pathfinder
      This time the Pathfinder was acually stalled. In crossing a stream, swollen by a Kansas cloudburst, till it submerged the road, E'M'F "30" dropped into a hole where a culvert had been washed away. You'll notice only the top of the front wheel is visible. Magneto was submerged and current "shorted." As soon as she was pulled out, however, the ignition system worked as well as ever and the party got safely to the next town- Williston, Kansas, before nightfall. It was the only time a cyinder missed fire on the entire trip of 2650 miles- and all four quit in a bunch! As may be imagined.
      Gary Sanders
      Nixa, MO


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        Studebaker issued a 32 page booklet detailing this event. The booklet contained 24 color images along with the text. The images above are from my post card collection. Not sure if it is complete but I believe nearly so. Thanks for posting Jeff. This was a very interesting episode in the early history of Studebaker. Probably a little too far back for most regular visitors to this forum to relate. Now if that EMF Pathfinder had continued on to Bonneville and ran the measured mile at 162 mph everyone would be interested!!
        Richard Quinn
        Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review