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  • Reducing the herd ?

    Due to lack of use, I've been slowly selling a few cars. Next on the list is a 63 Avanti. 63R1111. It is an R2 automatic. Numbers matching. The car was born an R1. The car is mostly original except, some time before 1995 it was turned into an R2. Who ever did the conversion, did it vary well. The only thing I can see wrong is the color of the blower. Black instead of orange. It also has R3 exhaust manifolds. Would I be better off selling as is or returning it to stock and selling off the R2 and R3 parts after sale? I've picked up most of the parts in the last couple of years. Any ideas or thoughts ?
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    Does it have R2 heads on it?


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      I think you will do better overall if you leave the R2 stuff in place.


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        Originally posted by studefan View Post
        I think you will do better overall if you leave the R2 stuff in place.
        In my experience, a running R1 and a complete R2 setup might bring more net dollars. In fact, most Studebakers are worth more as parts than as a whole. For whatever reasons, CASOs with a garage overflowing with parts will still always buy a part here and a part there, but choke on a whole running car. But then, it's many times more work and much more time to sell all the parts than a complete car. BTDTNA.

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          Just FYI, I believe that the R3 exhaust manifolds were optional on R1 and R2 Avantis, in which case they could be correct for your car. I have been wrong before though.
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            *IF* it were me, I would leave it as an R2 and keep the R3 manifolds in place, assuming it has the R2 heads, carb, etc and is running well. Std manifolds and heads are easy to come by if someone wants to do the work to replace them.


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              Most buyers would probably prefer having a Studebaker Avanti with the blower setup on the car, regardless if it came from the factory that way or not. As for myself, it wouldnt matter either way as I can see the benefits of a non-supercharged engine requiring less maintenance/repair, though a 'blown' engine has a certain 'cool' factor to it.
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