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    As many of you know, last Aug. my girlfriend Linda and I were in a head-on collision in our '63 Lark. Linda had a back injury and was in a brace for four months, and the Lark was totaled. Well Lindas out of the brace now and we bought a '63 Cruiser from a dealer in Arizona. The car has a wonderful interior, but all the mechanical needs servicing or replacement. I have almost all the options on the shelf that I plan on upgading the car to. AC, Hill Holder, Power Brakes and stearing. I have the build sheet on it and it stated out in North Dakota. How it got to Arizona and how long it was anyplace, I have no idea. As built it came with a three speed OD trans, split reclining front bench seat, head rests, clock, Dana 44 TT rear axel, two bbr. carb. fined drums, and a rear radio speaker. As you can see it has damage to the left rear quarter panel and a TT emblem. I've seen these on other years and models, but I can't recall ever seeing one on a Lark. AS mark wrote on the other thread Studebaker did'nt use them on this year.Click image for larger version

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ID:	1737036 I also picked up the flanged axel kit from Studebaker West. Whadya Think?
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    Congratulations, looks a nice vehicle. Is the dealer intending to repair the dents in the left rear panel above the wheelarch and reattach the right hand side headliner to the sail panel (in front of the rear window) just has a few sags that wouldn't have left the factory that way???

    In any event, sounds like she'll be a real beauty once all the accessories are installed. Enjoy it, I know I would.

    May 2013 be a better year for you both.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      Very nice looking car Brian. It appears that maybe it has the rare Broadcloth Cruiser Special Interior, unless it is a very nice replacement. The standard equipment on '63 Cruisers you failed to mention is the 289 Engine.

      Yes the Twin Traction Emblem or Emblems would be a Dealer or Owner added item, they were discontinued in '62 and were on the rear panel except for some early '63 Hawks that got the excess '62 drilled Gas Doors for TT Emblems and the Emblems.
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        When were headrests offered on the front seats?

        Very nice interior.


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          Originally posted by LeoH View Post
          When were headrests offered on the front seats?
          I think 1959 was the first year they were offered.



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            Brian, your Cruiser looks really nice. When I was 16 my folks bought a 2 year old Cruiser, and I definitely remember the TT emblem on the left side of the deck lid. It was probably dealer installed, but I thought it looked really nice on the car. Enjoy your "new" car, B.V.


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              Very nice ride, Brian. Congrats on finding a replacement so close to the one that was damaged. Enjoy! BP
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                Brian, nice to hear things are moving ahead with Linda and your Cruiser, I have owned 2 Rose Mist 63 Cruisers and both are now out of the country one in the Netherlands and the other is in New Zealand both were very nice cars, my 63 2 door Standard has the TT on the rear panel but I installed it my self as they did not come on the 63's also at mid year Studebaker dropped the lark name and started using Cruiser, Daytona, and Standard. The Standard did not have an emblem so they just used the Studebaker script on the front fenders, hope to see your Cruiser soon.
                Castro Valley,


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                  Nice looking Lark, enjoy driving it.


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                    Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
                    Very nice ride, Brian. Congrats on finding a replacement so close to the one that was damaged. Enjoy! BP
                    Actually; I ran across this 1963 near where I used to live in Scottsdale and posted the info here on the Forum. It's a very nice looking car but; as Brian stated, it will need work to be 'perfect'.

                    Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

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                      Very happy to see things working out after the "minor" set back.
                      Pat Dilling
                      Olivehurst, CA
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                        That is a beautiful Cruiser. Rich, that's not the broadcloth (which in '63 had a completely different, "tuck and roll" style design) but it's either the original or NOS or perfect reproduction of the original standard Cruiser cloth and vinyl upholstery. Great color. The '63 Cruiser IMHO is the best-looking four-door Studebaker ever, in profile. I'm reminded of Mercedes, of early '70's Seville, of four-door GM B-and C-bodies, in the rear door area.
                        Bill Pressler
                        Kent, OH
                        (formerly Greenville, PA)
                        Currently owned: 1966 Cruiser, Timberline Turquoise, 26K miles
                        Formerly owned: 1963 Lark Daytona Skytop R1, Ermine White
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                        All are in Australia now


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                          Good news that Linda is doing so much better and also that you now have a replacement for your lost car. This one looks good and I am sure it won't be long before you have it cruising down the highway.
                          Joe Roberts
                          '61 R1 Champ
                          '65 Cruiser
                          Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                            There is a 63 Cruiser on Craigslist near you that may provide some parts

                            Good Luck with your Cruiser


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                              Thanks all! The dealer sells all the classic cars "as is" so no repairs. Thanks for the TT eblem info. I guess I'll leave it off the NOS panel that I'm replacing the damaged one with. Although I do like the looks of that TT. What are the thoughts on where it would look best? I kinda think on the front fender aft of the front wheel well.