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1964 Cruiser

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    Originally posted by thunderations View Post
    You better get with some shippers and find out. If the car is not in a major shipping hub, you may not get any response to a bid unless you sweeten the pot. I had an $1800 quote to get 3 cars from a rural area in Michigan to Phoenix. Ended up paying $1000 to get them from the rural area to a major hub, then had to sweeten the bid by a couple hundred to get them to Phoenix, so an $1800 bid became $3000. Be careful. [QUOTE) it would be less than $1000 if I were to ship the car to Nevada, correct?

    Thank you for the heads up. Warning taken.


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      Originally posted by evilhawk View Post
      Sorry guys, I have no idea why I put "1964 Cruiser" as the topic. Its obviously a Daytona. I own a 63 Cruiser and was thinking about my car as I was reading the ad. My Bad.
      Cruiser, Daytona, tomato, to-mahto. I'm sure folks have posted worse :wink: