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“Rosie the Riveter” and Studebaker?

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  • “Rosie the Riveter” and Studebaker?

    Mountain Home, AR

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    Not too many rivets involved, but Studebaker did their part in the war effort.
    They also made jet engines for the B-47 after the war.


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      My mom worked in the Studebaker office during and right after the war. She lived in Gary and would ride the South Shore Railway to South Bend. She would stay with an aunt sometimes during the week instead of going back to Gary. My grandfather went into the army, but returned to Studebaker after the war. My Dad and 2 uncles, fresh out of high school, entered the service, but came back from the war and worked for Studebaker. My grandfather retired from Studebaker in 1964, before the plant shut down. My uncle worked the night shift and was informed to turn in his badge at the end of the shift as the plant was shutting down. My dad had gone on to work elsewhere in the early 50's, but still drove Studebakers.
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