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  • Info on studebaker seats

    On the Studebaker seats (and maybe other manufactures during 1950's-60's), just above the seat springs but below the cotton backing, a burlap fabric was used interwoven with wire. Does anyone know where this can be purchased or what alternative material could be used? Thanks

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    If you still have the old wires, it's not too bad to move them to a new piece of burlap. Most upholstery supply places carry the burlap and cotton batting. MSC Direct carries cut and straightened music wire in a variety of diameters.

    Here's how I did the seat in my M5 truck:

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      burlap fabric can be purchased from some greenhouse or nursery supply places. Also most upholstrey shops have it available for a little higher price.


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        An old upholstery trick is to hog ring an old carpet over the springs, under the padding. It stiffens the whole seat and stabilizes it.
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          The closest match I can think of to that material would be to find a couple old bags used for potatoes. Same material and basically the same color.
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            Our potatoes in the store now come in paper or plastic 50 lb bags & they are a lot heavier than the 100 pound bags were back in the '60's when I worked in a Red Owl grocery store in Minnesota!
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              Its called hessian cloth. Its available at fabric stores and online.
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