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Studebaker wins class at the Drags ! ( Oldie Goldie Land )

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  • Studebaker wins class at the Drags ! ( Oldie Goldie Land )

    I've been associated with drag racing in Central Florida for a long time , and since it's cold
    today , I've scanned in some of my very old drag strip flyers and results.
    Here is a Stude win in 1965 at Spruce Creek Drag Strip near Daytona ,of which I was the
    Prez of the club that operated it at the time.
    Old Drag Strip Flyers &... The link is to a set on Flickr with the rest of todays scans .
    Bill H
    Daytona Beach
    SDC member since 1970
    Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .

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    Very cool! And this gives a real perspective of the times turned by the cars of our youth. Notice there are very few faster than 14 seconds, they sure seemed faster than that back in the day. Thanks for sharing.
    Pat Dilling
    Olivehurst, CA
    Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

    LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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      Our drag strip was actually an old WWII abandoned airport.
      These were quickly built , and most were left essentially unused after the war , and like ours
      suffered from neglect. Grass grew in the cracks , and with no traffic on the surface to work
      the asphalt oil , a lot of oxidation happened. The aggregate was a local crushed shell with a
      little crushed limerock added . Constantly dusting off .
      Bottom line was lousy traction , and that combined with the tires of the day , really
      hurt 60' times ( altho that concept probably hadn't bloomed yet ).
      The guys with real power went pretty good down track , but feathered it off of the line.
      Rails just burned them all the way.
      Some of the gasser guys tried rosin , and that helped .
      Another feature was that the lights were giant WWII search lights positioned about 60' behind
      the starting area , and at the far end you were driving into your own shadow . No other lights.
      Bill H
      Daytona Beach
      SDC member since 1970
      Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .


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        Thanks for bringing back fond memories. A little OT but the class above (K/S)was a 55 Chevy, that was the class we ran in our youth with a 55 Chevy 265 and about our better times IIRC. Although we raced a couple of years earlier.



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          In 1961, I came in second to a 1957 Pontiac with my 1957 President Classic. My Studebaker was as I drove it on the street (a good state of tune). The Pontiac had some modification for drag racing, but still was in a stock class. I just raced for the fun of it. I drove it back to the service station wash bay, cleaned it off and then went home.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer