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Looking 4 a 50 Champion rear end close to central NY

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  • Looking 4 a 50 Champion rear end close to central NY

    I'm in need of a 50 rear end....any leads will be helpful................Thanks Carl

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    What ratio? 4.56 with overdrive, 4.10 with stick, and either 4.10 or 3.54 with automatic.

    Rear ends from 47-50 Champion will work, so you can widen your search parameters.
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      Thanks so much for the reply & the info.
      I've had my business coupe for 12 years....changed all lubs to correct ones...& kept levels where they should be.
      A coupe of months ago...last ride of the season...getting my stabil up to the carb & my rear starts making a howl...I say....what???? Put her away til looking for a replacement.

      Overdrive .....probably a 4.56....but I'll take a 4.10...& use my overdrive accordingly.