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rounding out my hubcaps?

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  • rounding out my hubcaps?

    Merry x-mas everyone. I thought I might work in the garage today. I could use some thoughts on how to round out my 50 Champions center hubcaps. I sprayed some filler primer on them-then sanded to see dents/nicks.....There is quite a few. Help please and thank you.

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    A gentle touch on top of a sandbag. Lots of threads online RE: shrinking metal. Familiarize yourself with a technique that looks doable to you and start working each ding one at a time. Steve


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      Hammer from the back and file smooth on the front. May need to go back and forth several times. Same idea as "Dinging" stainless trim, except with stainless you sand with finer and finer sandpaper and then polish. Use a blunt punch or rounded piece of wooden dowel rod to hit exactly the right spot. Good luck
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        You or a professional can try, but if that fails there are always new ones.
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          You'll be able to do more than you might expect if you give it time & use wood & rubber hammer & a sack filled with sand.
          & You'll be surprised 'bout how little, & sometimes no(!) filler you need.
          I've kept on surprising myself many times...

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            When we were shaping fenders on my Daughters pickup, we were working in a shop on a farm. There was no sandbag near... but a seed corn sack full of shelled corn worked pretty good. When I brought the "corn meal" home to the wife... she refused to bake with it & we put it in the bird feeder.
            Slow and easy works good on those dings!


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              I've repaired a hand full of hub caps in the past. Whenever there is a dent I have a regular anvil in the garage and use a body work hammer and tap out the dents. If the dent leaves scuff marks, some sand paper usually helps along with some steel wool. I also buff them.
              Chris Dresbach