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It's pretending to snow in Denver today...

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  • It's pretending to snow in Denver today...

    You know... they forecast a bunch and we get 2" with a little breeze. I hear Golden and the Mountains got measurable though. So, I migrated to the basement and tried to finish the bucket seats on the Galaxie. But, that Speedster dash kept staring at me and begging some attention. I'll probably switch the 6 gauges to new 12 volt SW's.... except for the clock. Wonder if it can be saved or if it will just be dash decoration?

    Only one way to answer that question and that's with 6 volts DC, Positive ground. Couldn't turn the set time knob so I got skeptical real quick but put the juice to it anyway and it just made one dieing scream. Since it's already history, only one thing to do. Once open it was actually pretty clean in there. Half hour of trying to figure out what gizmo does what and poking around most parts seemed to be wiggleable: conclusion that little thing in the middle must be froze to the do-floppy that goes through it. Go get the spray can, let it soak and take an hour break.

    Hallelujah! .... More wiggling and the time set knob is actually turning the hands. Put the juice to it again and that little wheel zings back and forth... my imagination or was it really powered by the batteries? Two hours later and it's still clicking along keep time right with the digital on the coffer maker.

    Cheers for Duracell, duct tape and that stuff in a spray can.

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    I converted My last Speedster to 12V, and the '6V' clock continued to rewind....... no problem.


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      "wiggleable" --- nice word. Conjures up the imagination!
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        You say you simply fed 12 volt into the clock?