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Studebaker Dealer in Extreme Podunk, Colorado

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  • Studebaker Dealer in Extreme Podunk, Colorado

    A friend recently told me of an old Studebaker dealership he drove past "somwhere along highway 14, north of Fort Morgan" in Colorado. For those who don't know the state, there's not much of anything north of Fort Morgan, so I had my doubts.

    Last week I drove highway 14, and kept my eye out, hoping to figure out what my friend had seen. I didn't have to concentrate much. This sign is in plain view of the highway when you enter the town of New Raymer. I suspect it is just a shop that belongs to a modern Stude enthusiast, rather than a former dealership. New Raymer is little more than a wide spot in the road, and not at all the kind of town where you would expect to find any kind of car dealership. I don't think New Raymer was much bigger back when Studebaker was still in business. I like seeing the sign anyway!

    I'll take my Champion down next time I can come up with a good reason, and I'll stop and introduce myself.

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    I do not see anyone listed in the Roster from that town.
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      Maybe its a nightclub!!



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        The building belongs to a family that had alot of Studebakers years ago when he farmed in the area.They bought the sign years ago at an auction in Greeley from a former dealer in Brighton CO.It attracts alot of interest from passing motorists.
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          First thought when I saw the title was that someone must have found Eaton!

          Still love your '62.

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            Originally posted by mmagic View Post
            First thought when I saw the title was that someone must have found Eaton!
            Eaton is podunk to be sure, but it's a metropolis compared to New Raymer!


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              I remember passing New Raymer a few times "commuting" to and from Milwaukee. I never saw this thought, not like I was looking for something like that back then.
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                You'd be surprised with these types of dealerships, you really would! The '55 C/K I'm working on now, came from a dealership in west central Illinois. Out there, the area is very rural. They carry as much importance as the dealerships closer in towards the population centers, because out there, they sold cars that were used to get from point A to point B, and they sold trucks that were usually used by the local farming community, or general use! The dealerships are not only a business, they are a necessity as they provide basic transportation to people who may not leave the area very often. These places were usually part of the heart and soul of the community, and the people usually knew the reputation, families, and people that ran 'em! It goes very well along with the philosophy of "buy local, eat local!"
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