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Feb. 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine

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  • Feb. 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine

    If you don't subscribe to this magazine, get one at your local bookstore. Two very interesting features on Studebaker.

    In the CLASSIC TRUCKS article, Scott Grainger's 1946 M16 'Toto' is featured. A full three-page article with 11 photos does justice to this Studebaker. Details Scott's building this truck to be a reliable road machine. Congratulations, Scott, well done!!!

    In the I WAS THERE feature, Michael Bradshaw shares with the reader his working days in the Studebaker Corp. in the post WWII era-mid 50s at the Hamilton facility. Very interesting experiences and, from his vantage point, a different look at the workings of the Corp.

    It's rare to find a magazine outside our domain that has two features on our Studebakers in one issue. I enjoyed reading both.

    Frank Drumheller
    Locust Grove, VA
    M16-52 1948 Boyer-bodied firetruck

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    I look forward to this issue. The first thing I always look at is the I WAS THERE feature.
    \'50 Business Champion
    \'50 Starlight Champion
    \'60 Lark Convertible,
    \'63 GT R1,
    \'67 Triumph TR4A


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      I just received my copy of "Classic Car" in today's mail. Looking forward to reading the article. Thanks.

      '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
      Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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        Mine arrived today & I have a few pages read. Looks like another winner!


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          My issue arrived Thursday, the fellas at HCC are not bashful about their fondness of the best marque on the planet!
          I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".


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            I think I'm gonna order a subscription. I heard the March issue is going to be pretty interesting too.
            Neil Thornton


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              Originally posted by rockinhawk View Post
              I think I'm gonna order a subscription. I heard the March issue is going to be pretty interesting too.
              Oh, I know you'll enjoy at least one column in it, Neil! BP

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                I just went online and subscribed to HCC. That makes 4 magazines coming to me on a regular basis. TW, American Rifleman,The Confederate Veteran,and now Hcc. That's a lot of literature for a man that doesn't like to read a lot. With HCC maybe I can just look at the pictures.
                Seriously, I do enjoy each of these publications, I just find it hard to slow down long enough to do much reading. I keep thinking I need to be out doing somthing.
                Neil Thornton