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  • 57 Packard article...

    Thought some Packard fans might be interested...

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    Interesting article but werent the 55 and 56 Packards prone to leak and had major quality control problems?

    And , as I tell die hard Packard owners who argue about my 1958 Packard Hawk. It really is a Packard as they took over Studebaker not the other way. Plus its no different than owning a 70's Caddy with a Chevy engine. Remember that during the 70's??


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      That black '56 Caribbean convertible with the red stripe....(second Packard period ad).....Two tones are quite rare on those.....most all had the tri-tone paint scheme......Didn't know it was 'extra-rare' at the time, but
      I owned the almost twin to that black and red...except the convertible I had was black and white. (Illustration of it in '56 Packard full line brochure) I miss that baby!!!


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        Back in the mid seventies I purchased a 1955 Packard 400, beautiful car white over black. Car ran great, rode like a dream but had one annoying habit. When parked on a incline, facing forward if you forgot to set the parking brake and the weight of the car came down on the transmission, you couldn't get that car out of park! Only way to get car out of park was to have some obliging fellow motorist or friend gently nudge the rear bumper enough to move the gear selector into neutral!
        In fairness to my Packard perhaps it needed new engine and or transmission mounts, but I was young and dumb and had no money.
        Now I have a 1957 Packard Clipper wagon, runs great, rides like a dream, but it's a Studebaker or is it a Packard? What ever it is, I love it's quirkyness and it's rarity.
        Ditto Roscomacaw!
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          The article is written less than objectively, by a guy who's NOT well versed in this facet of auto history. It's just "filller" he's obligated to write. And since S-P is dead and a quirky curio to your average gawker, he's having fun stomping on S-P's legacy. So it's only a dolled up President. So what? These mid-50s sedans were damn fine cars for their time - crafted on a platform that was aging no less. I'd wager this "expert" has never even driven one.
          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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            In reality, the '57 Packard Clipper was a much better buy than the big '56 model......less money, and a much more dependable, less troublesome car.


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              When anyone says my 57 Clipper is not a Packard I remind them that all V8 Packards no matter what the year were made by Studebaker Packard Corp . The corp called my car a Packard Clipper and so did the Commonwealth of Pa where it was titled when new. Also remind them that 57 Clipper were rare in 57 and even more so now. The only person who has to like any car is the one who pays for it and owns it.