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Funny How a Vehicle Can Grow on You !!

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  • Funny How a Vehicle Can Grow on You !!

    I bought the Champ in July '11 with plans for an interior, paint job, clean up under the hood and quick engine tune up with a November target to have it ready for Silver's January Phoenix auction... Just another fix and flip.

    It had a couple more issues than I had planned for... ok, quite a few more and it was August '12 before it was back on the road. I immediately put 3,000 miles ,including at least 6 parades, on it with a 4'x8' Presidential campaign sign in the bed. Among the literally thousands of pictures taken of it during that phase some made it to The Denver Post, Fox News, national talk show host tweets, many re-posts to Facebook and places only the all mighty knows about. There were hundreds of occasions driving down I-25 when drivers paced beside me while they or their passenger used their cell phone camera.... I lost count of the number of "we like your truck mister's" at stop lights. Eventually, I hung a counter from the rear view mirror and the registered well over 800 horn honks!

    I assumed the attention was all political and undoubtedly much of it was... But, now that the election is over the Champ continues to generate Chiropractor visits with sudden head twists and near collisions as it is almost as much a driver distraction as my friend's Bat Mobile or the Oscar Meyer rolling plastic hot dog.

    Aside from the attention, I've come to enjoy driving the Champ and find the Dakota, MG and Caravan just sit while I take the Champ for most errands. Plans have changed so that I now lean toward dumping the Dakota and MG instead of feeding Geico to have them sit in the drive.

    I lost count of the fix and flips I'd done on Cherokee's, MG's or other vehicles. They were all a bit of paint, carpet, a tune up, fenders and bumpers.... minimal stuff like the Champ was supposed to be. The Champ turned out to be an education in welding, body work, Upholstery, glass installation and paint application that de-mistified those arts. Don't get me wrong... I'm not now a pro at any one of these crafts but the experience removed any reprehension about diving into the current bare skin restoration of the Speedster.

    I offer a Big Thank You to each of you for the tidbits of Studebaker wisdom/education you've provided.

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    make it 801 . . . HONK!! I like your truck, mister!
    JohnP, driving & reviving
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      Looking forward to seeing the truck at the National meet next summer. It will be there, right? We all love the attention our vintage Studebakers receive and it never gets old telling others about them. What better way to get people interested in Studebakers then to drive one and know of several that are available. So many people think that you need to be a millionaire to own a classic car. I knew of a 52 4Dr that a guy just wanted hauled away. A young mechanic I knew was the perfect fit. He's now tinkering with it and another Studebaker will be saved and on the road getting the "high 5's" and the honks. From my Daytona to your Champ.....HONK !!!
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        HONK HONK HONK it's amazing what "a little skin in the game" does. I really really like it.Good luck on the nextun


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          It's in the plans...

          Originally posted by thunderations View Post
          Looking forward to seeing the truck at the National meet next summer. It will be there, right?
          Since it is only 60 miles down I-25, current plans are to drive it down.... perhaps with the what ever status it is at that point Speedster in tow. I'd love to be far enough along that SE Stude could use it for an interior install demonstration... but that would be pushing it !


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            I like the 2 tone paint treatment. Looks good!
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              Gotta love those Champs !

              Home of the Fried Green Tomato


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                Couple of interior Pics on the Champ. I didn't want to cut my new dash for a radio, struggled about where to put speakers, needed a live, convenient outlet for my cellphone/GPS and wanted a place to set both Sonic Strawberry shakes I was bringing home.

                Here is my $19 solution. A little left over vinyl over a scrap of chip board and a $9 gizmo from Advanced Auto.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Ya I do like your Champ,as said in another post you made.gotta keep those Champs around <G>.
                  Joseph R. Zeiger