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Your thoughts on the best looking stock Studebaker engines / engine compartments

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  • Your thoughts on the best looking stock Studebaker engines / engine compartments

    Since I have more time than money, I spend a lot of time planning the eventual rennovation of my '59 Lark. Along those lines, I was wondering what color scheme to choose for the engine. If any of you would like to weigh in by posting clear photos of restored (or pristine original) stock Studebaker engines (preferably in the engine compartment), I'd like to see them.
    ~Matt Connor
    '59 Lark 2-door

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    Here you go Matt. Dusty
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    Dusty Taylor


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      Here's the engine bay in my 63 Avanti fresh off it's complete frame off resto-mod.

      The original R1 received a performance build by Michael Myer that I call an R2+. The block was bored 0.060" over, Keith Black hypereutectic pistons installed, the R1 heads were hand ported with combustion chambers enlarged with SS R3 valves, ported aluminum R3 intake, R3 exhaust headers, Paxton SN-60 w/ hi-ouput impeller and edelbrock carb. Since my car was originally a R1 with factory AC we kept the AC system and installed a modern Sanden compressor and with the custom aluminum radiator, I had no issues driving back from South Bend to Oklahoma in 100 deg heat with AC running on maximum. I also converted the car from the original factory automatic trans to a 5-speed Tremec TKO. The Dana 44 rear end now has 3.73 ratio, Auburn Gear Posi-Trac, Flanged axles and Turner 4 wheel disc brakes.

      Resto-Mod by Michael Myer


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        best engine compartment

        I don't know whose or which one, but saved this one because I thought it looked good.
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          I know you said stock but look at the engine in this thread. My candidate for best looking Stude engine ever.

          Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

          40 Champion 4 door*
          50 Champion 2 door*
          53 Commander K Auto*
          53 Commander K overdrive*
          55 President Speedster
          62 GT 4Speed*
          63 Avanti R1*
          64 Champ 1/2 ton

          * Formerly owned


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            How about 'Close to stock' and 'Not even close to stock'? Got to love those '55's!!!!!
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              My 53 custom coupe all Studebaker.

              Castro Valley,


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                I'm sorry I can't post pictures here, I've been collecting quite a bunch Studebaker-under-hood-pix.

                I never cared for original if it's a dark color, I painted my Hemi white when I was 19 because it was a beautiful engine & ever since I've kept to brighter colors so I can spot everything easy as in all details & eventual oil-leax.

                My -55 sedan is going to be dark red & the engine is therefore also painted red but normal red, "lipstick red".
                (You can see pix of it all on Racing Studebakers: "Josephine a Moparistic -55 sedan".)

                So I say that if you're like me then go for the color of the car & if it's a dark shade then go for the same color but bright on the engine.


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                  ...I thought I'll try to post a pic of my own to see if it worx.Click image for larger version

Name:	StudeMopar12.jpg
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                    Wow! What'ya know...?
                    Okidoki, here's one more then, but not my car, just to show what I mean.

                    No, now a different window came up that I don't understand anything of.


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                      Originally posted by Nox View Post
                      ...I thought I'll try to post a pic of my own to see if it worx.[ATTACH=CONFIG]19463[/ATTACH]

                      Nox the first one came up , looks like Mo power in the 4 door.
                      Castro Valley,


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                        Yep it did & yes it is.

                        But when I tried to post again some really complicated side came up on my computer...
                        So I'm gonna try again now.

                        Nop! A new window shows up calling itself "BB Code List - Studebaker...".
                        Whatever that might mean?


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                          WOW ED,guess I was ignorant to what you have.gotta be the toughest Speedster under the hood <G>
                          Originally posted by SN-60 View Post
                          How about 'Close to stock' and 'Not even close to stock'? Got to love those '55's!!!!!
                          Joseph R. Zeiger


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                            Here is the standard performance "stock" look on a restored '62 Lark, and '64 Daytona HT and an original cond. fully "loaded" '64 Daytona Wagonaire with the power tailgate Relay.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	62Larkblue 4drD.jpg
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ID:	1676293 Click image for larger version

Name:	64_HT_for_sale_Mine 008.jpg
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ID:	1676294 Click image for larger version

Name:	Wht 64 Daytona Wagonaire BellsA.jpg
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                              I know you said stock. But, I see already posted, not so stock. Anyway, here is my 53 period correct hot rod. (close to stock in green).