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  • picture under her blouse

    I am working under the hood of my 50 Champion. If anyone has a picture under the hood of where things go on an original 1950 Studebaker Champion w/170ci flat 6 and the firewall,,,,,,I would certainly appreciate it.
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    (Just Google '1950 Studebaker Champion Engine' and select images)
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Thank you, that helps a lot


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        What about a stock engine colour? I found green, black, and one other unknown? Any other off black colours under the hood?


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          Only green would be correct.
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            The under hood is not painted black as it is on other brands, like GM.

            The entire firewall is painted body color. The inner fenders are body color slopped on and dripped/run down over a blackish color.

            The engine pulley and fan and many other things are Studebaker green.

            The starter, generator, radiator, top of dip stick, air cleaner, fan motors, horns, are black. The hood hinges, hood latch female, overdrive relays, carburator, are all natural metal color.

            The shop manual and both parts books show a good deal of information. If you are wise and prefer to avoid expensive mistakes, buy these books.

            Many of the pictures in the sales literature are painted garish bright colors to show off different components. Do not go by the colors in teh sales literature.
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