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WA 63 Stude 2dr hard top..

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  • WA 63 Stude 2dr hard top..

    Not bad looking restoraible '63 for $1750.

    Mt. Vernon, (WA?)

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    After living with my '64 hardtop for a while now, I really like the HT design. The '62 and 3's are a little different but still nice to look at!


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      "HASNT Ran since parked
      pretty straight, some floorboard rust
      been garaged the last 25 years
      park in garaged, motor not touched"

      Yep. I believe him. When was the last time you could get a JCPenney battery? Can't tell if this was a 3 or 5 year battery.
      (read it backwards)

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        Slowly the price drops to where the market is...

        In other words~ I have heard from someone who has seen it in person.
        This car (and the rest of the lot) might be close to real market value now...

        Yes~ this car (and the rest) are in/near Mt. Vernon, WA.

        StudeDave '57
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          I'm confused. '62 grille and engine; '63 greenhouse and rear end. Was it in a front-end collision?

          Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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            It's a 1962 grille mesh, but the engine may even be older than 1962.
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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              Weren't these up recently for "best offer"?
              1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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                Originally posted by Milaca View Post
                It's a 1962 grille mesh, but the engine may even be older than 1962.
                Yes, the rocker covers are 4-bolt, so like most unrestored Studes, it's-a-bitsa, as the Brits would say. Still might be worth the money if one is in the market for a Lark hardtop.

                jack vines


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                  has anyone actually seen these cars? I am curious about the blue wagon. Would the parts be interchangeable with the 1960 Lark VIII Wagon? Parts being hood/windshield/doors etc.
                  1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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                    Mt. Vernon, WA Wagons.

                    Mt. Vernon, WA Cars. The Brown '62 Wagon in the Garage with all the boxes on it would probably be a pretty solid car being inside for ? maybe a lot of years. I only see that Wagon and a White rust bucket '62 4 door Wagon. No Blue wagon.

                    One thing for sure that will not interchange to a '60 is the quarter panels and tail lights, completely different. Also the front clip with the Heater fresh air inlet grilles on the body in front of the windshield (which is also different) has to make the longer front panel and different hood not work.
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