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  • kurtruk

    First I've heard them called "propellers." You may confuse some people. I've heard them recently called "mustaches." What other names do folks have for the chrome pieces on either side of the bullet on a '50?

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  • Sdude
    started a topic Port Angeles Washington

    Port Angeles Washington

    A friend of mine has a second home in Port Angeles Washington. He caught me after church yesterday and said he had a picture to show me. It was a picture of a nice looking dark blue 50 Champion Starlight Coupe that he came across in a parking lot.

    I was hoping it would be a Studebaker picture and he didn't let me down. He knows me too well.

    Anyone know who's car it could be? It had painted headlight rims and I didn't see any chrome propellers on the hood. I'm not sure if they were painted or just removed. The bumper had no bumper guards. It was a nice looking car.