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Question for you Greyhound shippers

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    I ship large items often. Sharp edges and catch areas should be wrapped with cardboard otherwise there not much needed. I have never had any damage I know about. Bob


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      Just want to share that my first Greyhound shipment just completed. Shipped a drivers door from near Sacramento to New Jersey. Pretty much a coast to coast deal. The door weighed 68 pounds wrapped in card board. I insured it for the max $300, cost with the holiday promotion discount was $76. Full price would have been $97. Got a note today from the buyer and he stated the door arrived in excellent condition. The shipment took 9 days from drop off to pick up. This gives me confidence to ship other parts of the Cruiser if someone a distance away buys them.
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        Shipping long pieces of trim will work well with PCV pipe also, does not cost much and quite durable.....Keep on Studebakering