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parts that can be galvanized in a 53 car?

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  • parts that can be galvanized in a 53 car?

    I'm in the middle of restoring my 53 hardtop, and found a galvinizing shop with good results, I finished the hood hinges,
    what other parts in this model can be galvanized?Click image for larger version

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    Looks nice, but I would be concerned about the process you are using. I was under the impression that hot galvanizing of steel can actually, in limited cases, weaken the parts or cause warping due to temperatures. Also are you using parts newly manufactured items or 60 year old parts? If old load carrying steel, I would recommend more research. If a non load carrying member, then it wouldn't matter new or old. However, any load bearing components still should be researched more, regardless of the parts age. Its more a fundamental engineering question on what parts can be safely galvanized. I would check with THE H.A.M.B. ​forums as a starting point.

    The other problem I see is galvanic corrosion arising from dissimilar metals in the car. The zinc coating is a big anode (negative charge) and you might cause the aluminum parts to corrode faster, by making the car a big battery.

    The bottom line is I would check into the metallurgy of the metal in question, plus see if you can find someone else who has galvanized a car.


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      the right process is cadmium plated which is very similar to galvanizing, my friend Dick Steinkamp just sent a picture of the parts he applied this process in his kart hauler,

      I will keep out of soft metals, in this case not that many,
      thank you Biggie.


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        Really great looking car, from the work you've done so far!!