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Six with a OD what to offer or look for

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  • Six with a OD what to offer or look for

    A buddy was chasing a lead on a Willy's Jeep....while looking at it, saw another engine on a stand...guys said it was a champion 6 with a trans, says it's OD as well....says he sold the car and frame, kept the engine....funny, about a half mile away is a 53 coupe.....sitting behind a garage.....I'm wondering.....anyway, the engine and trans are up for grabs....I guess I could start on my Studebaker membership with just an engine...right? OK...still new to these things....what do I need to look for, other than the OD stuff on the trans.....Said the engine looked complete....I'm going by there next week....Also said the engine turns over by hand....I'm guessing this is all how much cash do you think I need? Figure about $250 or more than what......I really want to track down that coupe I saw.....I'm betting the car and the engine were matched....any way to tell?

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    Get the Serial number off the drivers door post of the coupe and buy the original production order from the Studebaker National Museum. The production order will include the engine number.
    Or...don't worry about it. The Studebaker Drivers Club isn't terribly concerned about numbers matching vehicles.
    The body tag on a '53 Champion Coupe (located under hood on passenger side of cowl) should read 14G-C(?). The question mark indicating 3 (Deluxe) or 5 (Regal) trim level. If the tag starts with a 4H it was originally a V8 Commander.
    The 170 cid Champion flathead is worth less than a good T96 overdrive transmission. If you get them both for $250 and they are both good, it's a good deal. If only the transmission is worth it, it's still reasonable.
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      As far as starting your Studebaker membership with just an engine, that sounds good to me. I recall a young man who used to come into our auto parts machine shop and he had a 350 Chevy engine built up with the best of everything. He didn't have a car to put it in. Said he'd find that later, eventually. (As I recall, he did.)

      Dave Bonn
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        Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum!

        Just so you know; there is no requirement for joining SDC to have a Studebaker, you can have a Rockne, Erskine, EMF, Flanders, Packard or none of the above, or any car at all, just enjoy our Monthly Publication "Turning Wheels", watch Craig's List, eBay and the for sale Ads in TW until you find the right Car for you.

        A lot of us with the post war Cars, prefer the "bullet proof", very long lasting Studebaker V-8's since there really is little to no benefit in fuel mileage between the two and much more "Fun Factor" with a 232, 259 or 289 V-8.
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          Thanks guys, I'm tracking the engine and trans combo first, since they ARE for sale....If I get it, I'll just put it on a cart for now in the garage....Been reading about Turbo Charging and Fuel Injection for the little 6....might make a fun experiment. As for the 53-54 coupe....I told my contact to ask if that was the car the engine came from, and if that guy is willing to sell....Kind of odd it the two are unrelated, since they are walking distance apart.