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Studes in my life. Just rambling

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  • Studes in my life. Just rambling

    I have been a Studebaker man since the early eighties.

    I have been in Arizona since January of '77 (I survived the great snowstorm in Buffalo in fine fashion, the headline of the Phoenix Gazette simply said "Buffalo snowed under" as I read it in downtown Phoenix.

    At one time there were "Buffalo" style bars (the Native New Yorker), and other places in Phoenix where Buffalonians gathered to read the "Courier Express" and "The Buffalo Evening News", while eating beef on weck. There were that many ex-buffalonians in Phoenix. Almost long forgotten now.

    I went to Bennett H.S, and Buff. State. I lived in the Parkside area on Russel Ave. (14214)

    The funny things is I never heard of Studebakers at all. I know they were in Buffalo, but long rusted away. Remember this was the time that a "new" '70 Torino was taken to the junk yard by '76 because there were no floor boards due to extensive rust out.

    After my move to sunnier climes I discovered all the different makes and types of cars because there were still Packards being driven in Phoenix by the original owners. They fascinated me. Buffalo was first and formost a Chevy town (the Tonawanda engine plant). I liked Mopars which, was a sin. I owned a '69 Super Bee after my '65 Dart GT and before my '66 Barracuda.

    But as much as I try to buy other brand old cars, I've been hooked on Studes since the early eighties. My ex-wife spotted a car and stated "That is my Studebaker". Long story short it was a '56 Vice President and I was hooked.

    I've been in the mode of no excess after decades of buy, buy, buy! I still have sheds full of Southbend iron. At one time I had 10 Studes in a pen in Flagstaff. I'm down to one. And if you are wondering nothing is for sale or even that interesting. But have tried hard to get my obsession in check. I never bought low and sold high, but rather the opposite. I can't work on a car for hours on row...I'd be a hurting, sore mess. But I still love 'em. I welcome all the newbies aboard. But there are many of the old school that are still about, and my advice is ask questions as they are still here is to pick their brains.

    I have seen folks come and go, or go and return to the Studebaker Hobby. I actually know what a four lug wheel on a Champion means (small engine, small brakes) but in the Stude world every rule has an exception. The exceptions are a story in themselves.

    Good luck in your new passion. I hope you stick with it.

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    Funny how things go or work out I am not from a Studebaker family no one in my family ever owned one let alone two, until 1958 when I got my first a 48 Land Cruiser, didn't get it because I liked but because it was cheap $25.00 and smoked like a chimney when the starter went out I junked it as I knew nothing about fixing or replacing a started and then it went until 1968 before I got another a 57 Silver Hawk and that was the real start of me owning Studebakers since then I can count over 250 of them and 11 as of right now. the funny thing about them is that I could write a story about each one and make a book about them all, some stories would be longer that others but each would have some kind of story.
    Castro Valley,