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V8 Water Pump---Did anyone really make one like this??

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  • V8 Water Pump---Did anyone really make one like this??

    I copied the above image from an EBAY listing. I never saw a V8 water pump like this. All I have seen have the water pump that bolts to the water manifold. Did they really make a one piece manifold/pump like this? I did not see one in the parts book.

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    Cadilliac did.


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      FWIW, most of the eBay parts scammers are too lazy to take and post photos of the actual parts. If you read the fine print, they say the photos are generic and you'll get the correct part.

      Another FWIW, most of the eBay parts scammers are actually more expensive than our trusted Studebaker vendors.

      jack vines


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        And of course, IF they actually DID sell you a Caddy Water Pump for a Stude. the Cylinder Head and Block locations would be wrong so it's a no fit.
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          Anyone ever try to adapt a Chevy water pump to the Stude ?
          And before you think it's only got two outlets...don't worry on that point..!

          MUCH lighter and also more effecient. A pair of adapters, a pair of external lines...

          Just need to work out the pully flange to block distance.

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            Reminds me of the day that I replaced a water pump on a V8 Studebaker (minutes) and the water pump on my 1968 Riviera GS with A/C (more than one hour and a lot of bad words and also much more expensive).
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              To: studegary,---- Pontiac V8 water pumps were a pain to replace also.


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                You better have had a core back in the day if you needed a rebuild. geez. Stude was way ahead of their time. cheers jimmijim
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                  Mike if your thinking of tring to work your idea out look at a electric water pump for a chev, no need to run a belt.