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anyone have info on this car and seller?

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  • anyone have info on this car and seller?

    I have repeatedly tried to contact the seller via message on ebay with no reply. Does anyone no the car or seller in is in Washington Courthouse Ohio.
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    Joe, I'm sure that car has been advertised previously, and repeatedly.

    You might try some forum searches from a year or so ago. BP
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      Yes, it keeps popping up on ebay every couple of months or so. He usually has parts for sale that are offered for WAY more of a starting price than they are worth.


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        I don't like these BIN only listings on eBAy for vehicles. EBay is an AUCTION site. Recently, a 2006 Avanti was listed with a BIN only (didn't even have the Make an Offer feature).
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          Joe, check your PMs. Jeff