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Still looking for that needle in a hay stack

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  • Still looking for that needle in a hay stack

    Still looking for that steering wheel adapter for early Stude shaft 13/16 x 36 spline, 1956 & earlier Talk to Grant on Phone Helpful but not really. They have not produced the kit I need for sometime now. they would not discuss possible cross references because of Liability (God bless our Trail Lawyers). So FLASHBACK if you find your spare let me know? Other wise anybody else got one for sale ?

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    Any way you could sacrifice an old junk steering wheel by removing all the plastic & outer stuff and do a little lathe magic/drill & tap to the hub?


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      I answered on the old post. I do have one, and I will dig it out if you need just the hub adapter? Let me know. I will try and post a picture, if you want me to. As a matter of fact, I will post it anyway ( as soon as I get my camera repaired) just for reference.


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        I agree that the wheel is too big and since mine is a 1955 coupe!