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What's a 57 Golden Hawk supercharged engine and transmission worth?

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  • What's a 57 Golden Hawk supercharged engine and transmission worth?

    I am wondering what the going price is for a 1957 Golden Hawk supercharged engine and transmission. Assume that it 100% complete (including the air cleaner), the engine is loose, and it needs a rebuild. All opinions appreciated. Thanks

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    I would assume, now that it is separated from its number matching car, it won't bring more than any other 289 assembled with a supercharger. You'll have $1200 in parts for the rebuild plus labor. I would stop at 2K for one refreshed ready to run. As is? $650. My opinion.
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      The supercharger is worth more than the engine. I would say maybe 1200 if absolutely everything is there and undamaged and rebuildable.
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        It all depends........If someone owned a restorable '57 Golden less an engine and trans, this setup might be worth three thousand plus. On the other hand, if someone was buying it just to obtain
        the supercharger related items (as has been done so many times before) a realistic price would be between one and two thousand.


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          Don't forget the Auto trans is heavy duty, if any good worth a few more bucks, go out and try to get all the SC parts for $1200.00 good luck, with air cleaner, but the bottom line it is worth just what you end up selling it for or just what you paid for it. if seller does not know the worth all the better if he does bring your check book and hope he will take a check, just my 2 cents worth.
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