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    I'm not sure who else sees this, but in our local paper a couple of days a week, they carry the Car Talk column, with the Car Talk guys from NPR answering questions. They read as funny as they sound when you listen.

    Today's question, I'm editing and there are never dates when these questions were sent in, was from 2 boys, 12 and 14, whose father after surviving cancer, bought a '62 Hawk out of a garage in Wisconsin, with 80K on it and still needs paint and some interior work. Dad has told the boys he wants to take them on a trip on Route 66 from Chicago to Missouri in it the following summer. There was a list of several modern updates the father did to the car and the question from the boys concerned whether their mother's concerns that they would break down in it were justified.

    Has this story been brought up before, by any chance? Anyone know who this story was about?

    It's too long to share all the response from Click and Clack, but the gist was, absolutely they will break down, and absolutely the boys will roast in the car w/o AC (another concern from mom), but that they absolutely MUST go on the trip and enjoy the lifetime memories and experiences they'll have afterward! They gave a couple of basic safety tips and recommended the boys have their mother contact them if she needed any more convincing.