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  • Looking For An Avanti Hood

    Need an Avanti hood for a friend that bought the old Burke Bros. land speed car.
    (More recently known as 'The Bucket List Dream' car).

    If there are 'early/late' splits, this would probably be an early one.
    Need not be pristeen, just complete and re-workable.
    This is for the continuation of an Avanti that has been raced since the sixties....Quite a pedigree!

    Send me a PM, or contact David Parris at rackworx at bellsouth dot net
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    If all else fails, Dan Booth at Nostalgic motors has them used and new but you/he will be better off economically to find one from the local members.

    I purchased one a while back to do exactly what your friend is trying to do. I'm keeping it to replace the OEM hood on the 74 after I cut up the original and modify to have a 4" cowl induction setup.

    Don't give up on Ebay, there was one on there for a long time at $299 but I have not seen it in a couple of months. Might be worth a search on completed item although Ebay doesn't let one go back more that 60 days whereas they used to let one go back much further. Craigslist is also a possibility.

    As I think further, there was a door on Ebay not long ago. Searching for it might lead him to the seller whom may have more parts available.

    I hope he finds one as I want to follow how he builds it if he gets to it before I do.

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      Barry Hackney in Houston was parting one out recently. You also might want to post an ad in the AOAI Avanti Magazine and post the need onthe AOAI forum.

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        I think the hood from Barry is the one that I brought back from South Bend and shipped to New Zealand
        Castro Valley,


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          Jeff, try Dwayne Jacobsen at Midwest Studebaker. He has several parted Avanti's, and has his ad in Turning Wheels. A good guy to deal with. Bill.