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  • A/C and Super Charger

    Is it possible to run both A/C and Super Charger In a 58 259 wagon? I know with the Avanti would be A/C or SC, not both. If so does anyone have pics?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can have BOTH. Look for one of the little A/C compressors for a Japanese car. I've seen them on an R2 Avanti with brackets fabbed to fit the little compressor below the alternator.


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      Yes, Kim; entirely possible, and should be easy with the relative "bigness" of a 1958 sedan engine room.

      Peter Sant has both air and a supercharger on his R2 Avanti he runs at the Pure Stock Drags. I just spent a good 20 minutes in my files of hundreds of photos of the event from years past and did not come up with a photo of his engine room.

      Look in the various Jan/Feb/Mar issues of Turning Wheels over the last 11 years for The Pure Stock Drag Race annual reports. Somewhere in there has got to be a photo of Peter working on his engine. I know I've seen one, but don't have the time to keep looking for it. (I did not check any issues of Turning Wheels, BTW.) BP
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        I'll check my photos or maybe I posted this already David put air conditioning and power steering on our 1957 Golden Hawk.

        Maybe this will help
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          I put a Sanden 508 in an R2 recently. Check my older blog pages for pics. (its on the gold car)
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            Thanks guys and gal. I've used Sanden 508 on a York bracket, so I'm glad to know it will work with S/C. Car owner will pleased. Thanks BP for your time.