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Have you seen the 1942 commander at the back of the Mad doodler's 2012 calendar?

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  • Have you seen the 1942 commander at the back of the Mad doodler's 2012 calendar?

    It's called a Series 90 , custom Sedan Coupe (Blackout model) Why was it called a series 90? Did they make very many of them? I assume it was called Black out model ,because of the war. Have you talked about this car on the forum? Just curious? thanks Mike

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    A series 90 was special because they were only built on the last couple days before Studebaker switched to all war production. They have no brightworks what so ever because the government restriced use on all precious metals for the war effort. (i.e. chrome, nickel, copper, etc.) They were called "Series 90" because 1942 was Studebaker's 90th year of production. They are extremely rare.
    Chris Dresbach


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      Thanks Chris!


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        Actually the model 90s were assembled for 16 days from January 16, thru January 31, 1942. Production numbers probably more than you would think: Champion - 4612; Commander - 1688 and President 408. Total of all black out models 6708.
        Richard Quinn
        Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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          42 Comander Series 90 "Blackout Model"

          I'm the owner of the Series 90 in the Calendar you mention. Richard Pianca did a great job doing articles on the 42 Commanders especially the Series 90. You can find them in back issues of Turning Wheels. I am using his articles in my attempt at making my car as authentic as possible. Most of the metal work is now done. It was more extensive then I had anticipated, the rear fenders were hung on with brazed on straps by a previous owner. We had to form new metal with complex curves. I was able to locate four NOS fenders which was a big help. I hope to have the car finished before next summer. The bright work issue that was mentioned was a bit different then mentioned. Many parts were painted, but the bumpers and the front and rear "S's" were chrome. Five other items were something called "Silverplate" which is duller then chrome but still shiny.

          If there are any othe Blackout owners out there I'd like to correspond.

          Steve M.
          Steve M.
          Iroquois Chapter