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'38 Commander State that was Ebay last week

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  • '38 Commander State that was Ebay last week

    I was bidding on the '38 Commander State 4 door in Mich. that was on Ebay last week. On Sunday, with 4 days remaining, I got a call from the owner. He got a firm cash offer but called me to find out if I could beat it. Unfortunately, at this exact moment I could come really, really close but couldn't beat it. He said the man who made the offer was "president of the Studebaker club. He lives in Ohio." I was wondering who that was and whether he was on the Forum. If so, congratulations on securing what looks like a very nice vehicle. The '38 Commander State is my pre-war dream car (at least the one I could reasonably afford--except for this time, of course). Anyway, if you're out there--congratulations. And if you ever decide to sell it, please let me know. I'll be first in line to make you an offer.

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    This one?


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      Looks nice. I have to say the headlights are an aquired taste
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        I agree that the cathedral healights are an acquired taste, but when I acquired it, I became addicted. I would love to have been able to bid on that car, but I already have bitten off more than I can chew, money and time wise. I really do like that car. Does anyone have an idea as to the price it brought?


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          southbend, check your PMs.


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            I'm not familiar with those. Do they really have a "slant" six?
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              Wow ; The "President of the Studebaker club has excellent taste in Studes . . .
              Maybe he will chop it up into a coupe express like that other guy wants to create . ( winking smiley here ) .


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                Note the location was Casco, MI. Pretty close to Caso!
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