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Discolored window laminate?

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  • Discolored window laminate?

    This could be an issue on multiple years, but on my 50, I noticed on the open edges of the door windows and vent windows, there is slight discoloration coming from what I assume is the laminate sandwiched in the middle of the glass. It is slightly tan to light brown in color. Doesn't REALLY show all that much since it's barely 1/8 of an inch into the glass in places, but I was wondering if there was a way to clean or "bleach" this without ruining the glass. Haven't seen a topic on this so I thought I would ask. Thanks.

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    Doubt it. Consider it a sign of "original patina."
    (read it backwards)

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      Not much of anything that you can do for it. It will get worse over time. New glass is the cure.
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        Any one ever try sealing the edges?
        Wonder if that would at least stabilize the damage and/or slow down the progression?
        Probably not worth the effort on a windshield, but what about the exposed edges of door and wing glass.


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          Old timers use to paint the edges with white lead paint, they claimed that would stop the spread.

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