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Hello Northeast members!!!Please check in...we're praying for you.

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    Stude friends,
    my wife and I toured the South Beach Staten Island area tonight. What we saw rivals Japan's Tsunami a few years ago. You didn't see 1-2 blocks of destruction. What we saw was square miles of people's lives uprooted. Houses and cars in shambles, and people living in a frightening reality. The Red Cross, Fema, and the Army are giving food and temporary shelter. I know this is appreciated as is the money that people across our land are donating. But you need only look into their faces. . . the victims. The hurt and the fear is so deep. The best that you can give now are your prayers, it doesn't matter what faith you subscribe to.
    Joe Lipton


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      P.S. To my knowledge all Verrazano Narrows Club members, their families, and their cars are ok.


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        This morning, we went to breakfast at a local firehouse. That company, and several other local companies, sent men (volunteers) and equipment to locations on Long Island. I know that Hughsonville (where we had breakfast) sent a heavy rescue truck to Massapequa (sp?).
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          I just want to extend my thanks to all who have offered help and to the thousands of people from all over the country who came to our aid. I was without power for 12 days and I'm thankful that thats all it was. I know it was/is a massive undertaking for the power compinies to get lines back up.