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    I was finally able to get my son his first truck (or car for that matter). It's the 1956 Studebaker Transtar like he wanted. I was finally able to purchase it, ship it and finally get it home. It's a really nice old truck. V8 (size?) 3 speed Overdrive, even has a AM radio and one of those old FM add on units.

    Needs a lot of maintenance, repairs and work, but it runs and drives and it pretty solid. He is happier than heck.

    that engine compartment is a mess..

    but still has the plastic dash cap.....pretty neat. I haven't seen one of those on any of the trucks I have seen except this one.

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    Great looking truck! I hope he drives many happy miles in it.
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      To: Sledgehammer,----WOW!...does that truck look nice....even the color is 'right'! It may have a later Stude V8.....(I'm going by the rocker arm covers and low 2bbl manifold and oil fill pipe...'61-'62?)....Good luck with this nice truck!


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        Also, the water pump manifold and outlet look like passenger car parts too.


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          Very nice truck! I see lots of opportunity some father/son bonding time....


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            Here's a table that will allow you to identify the year and size of your engine. See the picture at the bottom of the table to see where the engine serial number is located.


            BTW, you have the controls for the heater, but not the heater box, blower fan, and associated hardware. It fits over that rectangular hole in the dash "'shelf".
            Skip Lackie


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              Really nice truck for a starter. The engine is surely from a car, but will be fine. You can add the truck bits to straighten the radiator hose and the like. The intakes on the air cleaner housing are interesting.
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                I like that air cleaner too ....


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                  Nice truck - lucky kid. Put some seat belts in it - for your sake as much as his.
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                    That is a cool truck. I would drive it and I'm not a truck guy!!
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                      Very cool! Reminds me of my high school days driving my 54 Studie Pick-Up. You Da Man Dad, hope your son makes many miles and smiles with it. :-)
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                        If you want to put air conditioning in it, Vintage Air has a unit specifically designed for your truck. I have one in mine and love it. It attaches using the original holes in and under your dash.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	final 008.jpg
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Name:	Christm2011 003.jpg
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                          Originally posted by Sledgehammer View Post
                          He is happier than heck.
                          Luckier than heck as well! If only I could have started with something that solid.
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                            There are black reproduction rear-fender gravel-shields available for your truck. Would look good.
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                              Very nice looking Truck, your Son is a very lucky Guy!

                              I guess the former owner liked LOTS of Air! And a Police Intercepter Sound.

                              That Air Cleaner has TWO larger than the stock single snorkle tube on a '62 Lark that it started out as, and a misfitting Element also.
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