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New guy seeking "what to look for/avoid" info when considering a 2R pick-up...

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    Thanks for the add'l info. The engine I am trying to ID is from photos from an online ad.

    How about this: Location of oil filler:

    Last week I looked at a 2 R with the 169 Econo-Miser, and the oil fill tube was towards the back of the block, and the dip-stick was attached to the breather/filler cap.

    The engine I am trying to ID has the oil filler/breather towards the front, right behind the generator, and a separate dipstick right under the distributor. Engine is in a 1952 truck.

    Does this sound right for the 245 Power-Plus / Commander engine ?
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      The Commander six has a very distinctive exhaust manifold.



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        '52 Fan,

        Bingo ! That's the ID key I was hoping for.

        Engine I am trying to ID is the larger Commander six, in which case, it also has the oil-filler right behind the genny, and a separate dip-stick right below the distributor.

        I appreciate all the replies from everyone !

        Frank McM.


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          Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post

          3. The low rear axle ratios which came with most 6-cyls are the reason the four-speed is a problem on the highway. An overdrive is a must if the truck is to be used for highway driving. Most of the Timkens are from 5.12 - 4.88 range. There is a 4.11 gear set, but it is practically unobtanium. I've got one from my '55 E12 four-speed. Even with the 4.11, the V8 was over-revving trying to keep up with 65 MPH freeway traffic.

          If you can't find a 4.11 Timken, it is possible to swap the Timken brakes and drums over to the later Studeabaker Dana 60 rear axle. I did this to get limited slip and ratios up to 3.55. Not an easy chore, but not the most difficult thing you'll ever do to a C-cab, either.

          jack vines

          How do you think an R-10 would do set-up with that Dana 3.55, Commander/Power-Plus and the old crash-box 4-speed?




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            BTW, if you like the earlier grill styling, you can probably bolt it right in place of the later grill.

            With a Commander six, you definitely want to put an overdrive behind it. Like everyone says, it's got lots of torque and reasonable horsepower, but over revving it will kill it rapidly.

            The overdrive is not a separate box, but is included in the extended transmission case.
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