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6 volt turn signal flasher needed

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  • 6 volt turn signal flasher needed

    I am drawing a blank finding a 6 volt, two prong flasher unit. 1955 Studebaker C President. None are at S.I.l or at S. West. O'Reilly only has 6 volts with 3 prongs on the base. I tossed mine as it didn't work. Who knew it would be this hard to find a replacement. It doesn't help much to know that turn signals were an "Option" on the 55s.

    Mine had two opposing and paralell base prongs (about 3/4" apart). It plugs in to the Aux. Electric Buss. I would like a line on a new one but would glady take a used one that works. Darnnnnn. Back in the day I probably had 5 or 10 of these in a drawer.

    If you have an extra, please send P/M with cost. It should fit in a small "If it Fits It shops" box at the USPS.

    Thanks All


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    I bought one within the last 2 years at my local parts store. I dont remember which store it was but it wasnt a major search for one. Try your local NAPA or Carquest and see if they can order it for you. Good luck, Steve


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      I think the 3-prong ones will work. The third prong is for the telltale lamp on systems that require a third prong. Now whether the two that you have to use will match the layout of the socket is another thing, but a couple of short jumper wires might help.
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        Try Volkswagen shops they have lots of them.
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          Would this work?

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            Rock . The one on E bay has prongs at a 90 degree angle to each other. Anne I will look for VW Parts Tomrrow. Gordr: If VW doesn't get it, the jumper wire thing probably will. A local auto supply (independent) has a 3 prong on hold for me. I may resort to a remoted socket for it, (Or wire cutters).

            Thank You all for the excellent leads.



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              Hello, Yes can use a #535 flasher and buy a old fashioned
              sealed beam 3 prong headlamp socket, has the three wires already attached.
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                'Not sure if he has them, but don't hesitate to contact regular Turning Wheels advertiser Randy Rundle at Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts in Clay Center KS for anything related to 6-volt electrics. If he doesn't have it, he will know where to send you to find it. BP
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                  I used the three prong with a little pig-tail to wire it to the two prong base. Still working. You only need two of the the three prongs.
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