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    Yes you will need the bracket to which the seat attaches. This bracket splits the spare area in 1/2. Also make sure you have the brackets to latch the seat back. I aquired a 3rd seat for my '64 wagon but was missing these brackets that mount on the inner fender wells. They came from N & A. At the time they had bins of them. I know there were blueprints of the 3rd seat as we used them to locate the part numbers! Even down to a schematic to locate the holes & screw size. Good luck in finding the seat or even a decent wagon. Right now Hurricane Sandy is kicking our butts. We were hoping to get the car out this weekend for our last show . If it's decent enough I'll take some pics of the back end of my wagon.
    Rob in PA.


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      Thanks stude1964.
      This is the most info I've seen on these 3rd seats so I appreciate all the replies. I would love to see some pics too.
      The 64 parts wagon I have had a piece of carpet in the rear of the tire well that has the edge trimmed with vinyl so I guess that's original. Anybody else have that in theirs? I'm thinking that it doesn't help things if gets water in there. It was rusty for being a fixed roof.
      I taked to Chris Dresbach a few weeks back and he thought that Stude Int. had the 3rd seat parts numbers.
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        I thought about putting a third seat in my Wagonaire too. I decided against it because: a) I'd never actually use it and b) I wanted to have a spare tire.

        I found a bunch of pictures during my research. Here's third seats at SASCO plus some pictures of the parts involved from a (very) used seat set offered on the internet a couple of years ago:
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          Yeah, those are the brackets my parts wagon still had. Thanks.

          I thought about putting a mini spare in the back seat area on the floor. I guess if you left that metal support out of the well then it might bend or crack the seat not to mention there's not much for it to bolt too.
          Some newer cars didn't even come with a spare. The previous Ford Focus was one. They came with a small 12 volt air compressor and a can of tire slime sealer. I don't know if they were trying to save on weight or costs. That stuff can ruin the tire low pressure sensors not to mention being a pain to clean out so I don't why they did that. It could be ok for a wagon with a 3rd seat just in case.


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            Was 1956 the first year for a third seat? I thought I read that here years ago.