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Question about Marshal desirability

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  • Question about Marshal desirability

    I recently found out about a '63 Marshal about an hour from here. I haven't had a chance to go out and poke around and look at it, but from photos he's sent, it appears to be in restorable condition. It was last run about 5 years ago, and I haven't seen pictures or anything to verify this but he is claiming it has an R1 engine. It's been stored inside, but it definitely needs a complete restoration.

    I know some Marshals are more desirable, and others less so. I would imagine that even if the engine needs work it would have value just because it's an R1 (allegedly). Does anyone have an idea what a fully restored Marshal might go for, or what sort of range you'd feel comfortable paying for one in non-op condition? I'm just trying to get ideas, and I realize that with such a vague description and not much more to go on it's hard to nail anything down. Take a shot, and if you're a million miles off I won't hold it against you.

    Thanks guys!
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    I'm fast coming to the conclusion that any genuine police package vehicle or a specific 'retail' sedan/SW used in actual police work before 1980 is a collector's item. Obviously the better the condition, more so but still.........

    I know for a fact that high performance patrol vehicles as in state police/highway patrol as well as 'interceptors' are worth more as well as actual vehicles that were used for certain police departments like the LAPD, CHP, etc.

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      A car like this would have a higher value to an Auto Museum of some kind than someone just looking for a unusual Classic Cruiser, although those people ARE out there also, just not too common.

      As always, it is all about condition, condition, Condition, CONDITION!
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        I'm pretty sure I know the car your talking about. If it isn't all rusted out and there is something left to work with I'd say its worth his asking price. The final price depends on what you mean by restored. Are you talking a body off nut and bolt restoration?