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  • No valve cover racing

    I'm bummed out I found out that they won't have valve cover racing again this year! It's too far to drive a Stude, but I want to participate somehow, instead of just watching & drooling on the cars & trucks.
    Hopefully the meet committee will strive to have them in 2014.

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    I think its more an issue of transporting the track itself.
    Why don't you build one and take it out there?
    Or search out a car club near the host site and see if you can borrow it?
    I wouldn't give up that easy....
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      Doesn't Al Meeker have the one they used in Cedar Rapids? If he has access to it he certainly has a vehicle long enough to haul it.<G>
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        That one was owned by the AMC club, I think. Al said it was for sale last year and he was going to see if the SDC wanted to purchase it. As stated above... moving & storing it is a bit of a problem. I thought they were going to see if the museum could store it in a corner somewhere & when they haul a car to the IMs, they could stash it in their trailer.... guess that never happened... And now I have two racers ready to go & no where to run them.


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          I just happen to know a guy who is just now moving to a little town real nearby Colorado Springs, who loves valve cover racing, and would be willing to build a track, at his own expense. All we need is a place to set up for a few hours. Organizers?


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            Contact Tiger Tom on this forum. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...6715-Tiger-Tom
            See if the host committee wants him to haul a VCR track to the meet.
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              I can still get mine packed!!!!!