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A Good Studebaker Day

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  • A Good Studebaker Day

    The good driving days are dwindling up here, so I went for a ride. I've been told by two people that I needed to take my Cruiser and show it to an elderly gentleman who was a mechanic at the long-gone local Studebaker dealer, so I made the 15 mile trip to the country where Mr. Harlow and his son have a garage. I'm not exaggerating when I say all work stopped when I drove in. Mr. Harlow's son was there and he and two other guys were all over the car. The son called his father and he drove down from the house & stood and stared at the car for a long time. I'd guess he's 85ish. The hood was open, so he poked around a bit and then he asked if he could get behind the wheel. Then he asked if he could start it. While he sat there idling, he peppered me with questions - how's the steering, are the brakes noisy, etc. Then he got out, felt the inside of both front tires and said I probably needed some adjusting, because the toe is off a bit. Bottom line: I've got a new mechanic. The son has absorbed Stude knowledge and his father assured me he'd make sure the son did it right. I've got my parts assignment and will see them in the spring.

    A delightful visit.

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    Now, that was a cool excursion!
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      Cool! Sounds like you made his day. Next time you go maybe you can take him for a ride.
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