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What is your winter project going to be ????

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    exhaust and hopefully lining up a 200r4 for the 65
    1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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      Put a new interior in the 50 commander starlight above I have been working on.
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      1947 Champion (owned since 1967)
      1961 Hawk 4-speed
      1967 Avanti
      1961 Lark 2 door
      1988 Avanti Convertible

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        Little things LOL

        Just a bunch of little stuff.

        Core the radiator, she runs a little hot.

        Flush block

        Replace all upper, and lower control arm bushings. (Really looking forward to this, its a PITA.)

        Replace, or rebuild steering bell crank, its a little loose, and I can't get it any tighter.

        Install electronic ignition, and new spark plugs.

        Check tappets, and put on new neoprene valve cover gaskets. right side leaks alittle at the back.

        R&R tach sending unit, tachometer, and wireing.

        Send it to B&T Classics to touch up chips, and bad spots in paint.

        Install new wire wheels from Dayton, when they get here.

        Change out all fluids.

        Windshield wipers.

        And down the road switch to splined axels in rear end.

        And, of course, anything else that I run across while doing the other stuff. Ya never know, do ya.

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          My winter project is basically the same project we've had for two years....continue to work on the Cruiser. If time maybe a rebuild of the Champ's tranny.
          Joe Roberts
          '61 R1 Champ
          '65 Cruiser
          Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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            Rebuild the original 232 engine with less than 20K miles on it now that we have finally found some 232 pistons, add a radiator overflow tank, and replace the shocks. All should be done before Christmas so we can start showing our one-of-a-kind custom again. No shows since early August. The best weather of the year is just arriving here.
            Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ


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              I've got a Speedster up on the hoist now. I had some difficulty with the parking brake, but should be driveable any day now.


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                Originally posted by Flashback View Post
                After I finish repairing the shop doors (behind "The Saturday Night Special"), my winter project is in the foreground. (maybe Spring too!)

                Perfect car, perfect man cave.. You've got it goin' on, Tex! I hope you keep that nostalgic hot rod feel of the car..


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                  TO: 55's,--------Any chance of posting some pictures of that '55 Speedster? Thanks!


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                    Dual exhaust on the Champ. Rebuild the kingpins. Work on the brakes.

                    Restore a Ford 8N tractor for a friend........

                    I am one of the few crazy people who actually LIKE winter. The demands of my job are much less and I can spend time in my shop.

                    That is probably more than I can finish before spring planting season.
                    1962 Champ

                    51 Commander 4 door


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                      Finding an Avanti and then finding out what I need/ and or want to do to it!


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                        Thanks Matthew. I still have a lot of work on the car and the play house. I do play to keep my nostalgic theme. I am going to make some improvements on body and upholstery. Have you decided if you,re coming to Lineville?


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                          I'll probably drive over and check it out on Saturday.


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                            51 LC: Fine-tune the door and fender fit, final blocking, prime and paint, install new wiring harnesses, re-assemble with new rubber, install re-chromed trim, change fluids, and drive!
                            \"Ahh, a bear in his natural habitat...a Studebaker!\"

                            51 Land Cruiser (Elsie)
                            Jim Mann
                            Victoria, B.C.


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                              50 Commander convertible. Studebakers West will rebuild the engine while I attempt to rebuild the T-86 transmission. It will be my first shot at a transmission rebuild. Kinda scary.
                              RadioRoy, specializing in AM/FM conversions with auxiliary inputs for iPod/satellite/CD player. In the old car radio business since 1985.

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                              5H-D5 - 54 Commander Conestoga wagon


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                                I can't really get get in gear when it gets cold to work on cars , when I use to turn wrenchs on a day to day basis , there were too many days of changeing plugs and using starting fluid when it was below zero, I will just wait till spring and go full blast as I wait to see my first robin return and the grass turn green.
                                Joseph Kastellec